​     We have been dog training with Phyllis at Crosswinds K-9 for over 5 years and are achieving exceptionally wonderful results.  Our goal at first was just to have a well-behaved, good canine citizens that listen to commands and get along well with others.  By starting training at a young age, Phyllis has helped us lay a strong foundation through which we are now actually competing our dogs in AKC Obedience and Agility trials.  The key was Phyllis helping us learn how to make training fun for the dogs and realizing their true potential.  While not everyone will go that route, I can't overstate how training at Crosswinds K-9 has helped us build an incredible bond with our dogs that I never would have thought possible.  Also, if you're going to board your pups at Crosswinds K-9 … make those reservations early because this is the BEST place around.


I have had a very positive experience dog training with Phyllis at Crosswinds K9.  She has been my mentor in Schutzhund dog sport and I regret having moved out of state so that I can no longer train with her.  Phyllis has a good grasp of the principles of professional dog training, and also understands how to train the owners as well.  Often, the problem with the dog is actually at the human end of the leash.  Phyllis can explain dog behavior and training concepts to her clients and help them to understand how to do the training themselves so that results can be sustained.  I have also boarded my dogs at the kennel and she has a first rate facility that I would recommend without hesitation.   Phyllis is one of the few dog trainers in the area who understands and can handle dominant, aggressive dogs (and their owners - which can be even more problematic).  I miss her training sessions greatly since I have moved.  I recommend her skills as a dog trainer and her boarding kennel without hesitation and with confidence.


Crosswinds is the best.  I have been training dogs with Phyllis for years and I am so glad she is listed on here now so I can tell even more people about the great training I received at Crosswinds K-9.  Phyllis has taught me so much about handling my dogs over the years.  She doesn't just train your dog and then turn you loose, she trains you to train your dog so you can continue the training.  She really understands dog behavior.  Even my poor rescue dogs that were beaten in past lives flowered and became confident, well trained dogs under her training expertise.

     Her kennel is awesome.  I have never had an experience with a kennel like this.  My old Jack Russell, that was 15 years old and completely deaf, had a great time at Crosswinds.  When I went to pick him up, he ran to me and said his hellos, then he picked up his ball and went back to Phyllis for her to throw it for him.  This is not his normal behavior when I have picked him up from other kennels.  I will never go any where else.  Another thing I love about her kennel is it doesn't smell like disinfectant covering pee.  Crosswinds is super clean and no chemical stench.

Spike / Chris

     I only own "bully breeds" which can be quite a challenge tn todays society.  Phyllis has trained ME for the past 14 years how to socialize a dog and predict a dogs actions before the dog knows what he's going to do.  Her famous saying is "a dog can't lie about who he is".  I've seen her train lap dogs to dogs that won't fit in the back seat of a care and she adjusts well to all breeds and different types of people.  Her kennel is the ONLY kennel I use and, I think the dogs get treated better than when they are at home!


​Great experience training and boarding with this facility.  My dog received A1 care during my ten day vacation and he was spoiled BIG TIME upon my return, I couldn't and didn't expect him to be as pampered as he was, he had his vacation as I had mine!This facility provides the BEST care and hands on attention and it is obvious when you see how your own dog reacts to the caregiver upon your picking him up.  I continued after with training here as well and again I can not express the service I have received, NEVER will I leave my dog at any other Boarding Kennel nor will I trust training methods elsewhere such as a pet department store after learning this facilities training methods I know I am at the best place with Crosswinds K-9.  Phyllis is sweet & kind and it shows in the care and attention - She loves animals :-).


I was lucky enough to be introduced to Phyllis through my job, and started training with her and my GSD over a year ago.  The amount of knowledge that I learned and was able to put to use to language train my girl was exceptional.  Brita now responds to German Commands, can search an area if instructed, and in general is a wonderful protector for my family.  Not only is she a very experienced trainer and very knowledgable in her craft and skills, she also truly cares and loves what she does.  Anytime I have to go out of town she is the only person I will call to board my dogs ever!  She takes the dogs out and gives them personal attention and shows them that they are safe and cared for.  My girl was an escape artist, and Phyllis took it upon herself to make sure she put her only in one specific pen she couldn't get out.  To get to the heart of it all and keep this as short as possible, you truly must meet her.  I have yet to meet anyone who love and cared for my animals as much as I did, until I met her.  Truly exceptional.

J.D.  "Warrior"

I have witnessed numerous training sessions and photographed them as well at the Crosswinds facility.  I was thoroughly impressed at her performance, education and professionalism.  Phyllis's care and dedication to perfection are unequaled in her field.

Linda & Bernie Byrum
November 4, 2015 at 9:09pm
It has been an incredibly busy day.
Jack-Jack, Bernie, and I have learned so much. A refresher lesson with Phyllis Tustin this morning and back tonight for a group lesson. 
Phyllis is amazing. There were 16 dogs at tonight's class...all shapes, sizes, and temperaments and there was NO DOUBT that Phyllis was in complete control! 
Phyllis had some great one liners tonight that really add such enjoyment to a heavy dose of learning.
Our 11 year old grandson is one of the handlers with his dog, Jessie. We are so proud. Hunter, like all good dog owners, understands his responsibility to his dog.
The unanimous opinion of all in attendance...Phyllis Tustin is the Dog Whisperer Extraordinaire.
Thank you.

Becky Ferrell

November 13, 2015

"Crazy Joey"

Seven years ago we took our stubborn Lab to Phyllis and she completely transformed him. He earned his GCG as well as his TDI in a short amount of time. We currently have a 9 month old lab pup, who i was convinced had a "chip loose". Only a few short minutes with Phyl' proved us wrong. Joey is like a new dog. She maintains her sweet personality but with an added restraint that she has never had. Phyllis gets to know your pet before she starts. Helping us to understand how Joey thinks, shows us how she learns and the best method for her. I not only reccommend Crosswind K9 for anyone but I will continue to take my dogs there as well. I find it interesting that most of Phyllis' techniques and theories are sometimes applicable in our own "human" situations...maybe she should consider being a "therapist" as well. either way, thanks Phyl', for proving to me that even the silliest pup can be helped.

​Linda Wilson Byrum
November 18, 2015
Another incredible evening at Crosswinds K9 attended by 22 dogs and their handlers. As always, everyone followed instructions from Phyllis Tustin. Dogs ranged in age from 2 months to 10 years.
The handlers were 11yrs to 70. It was amazing! The 11 yr old handler did so well that at one point he and his dog won a round of applause. The father of this boy stood in the evening shadows and his smile expressed his pride.
Hunter, as your grandparents we want you to know how proud we are that you so understand your responsibilities as a dog owner.
Well done!

‎Jessica Reams‎ to Crosswinds K-9
November 23, 2015
Awesome moment. Over the weekend we had windows installed so the front door was open a lot and unattended. I was walking towards the door to take my boys out and Champ ran towards the door as the installers were heading back in. He ran full speed slid to the entrance sat still waited for me to get next to him to look at me and wait for his "OK!". When I gave it to him he ran out the door and the installers were shocked and said "now that's cool." Heck yes it it, thank you Phyllis Tustin! My boys rock!

Reyne Georgetti
My husband and I just got our first cane corso! We love dogs but we knew getting a corso was going to be a lot different. We had our first training with Phyllis tonight and it was wonderful. I have never met a woman who loved dogs so much but also is able to teach us humans how dogs need to learn respect. She made training fun and exciting but also taught me more in an hour and a half than I ever expected to learn. I could not be more thankful to have found Crosswinds K9 and Phyllis! Let the training begin!
January 14, 2016 · 

March 10, 2016

Posted on my FB by Linda Wilson Byrum:

Thank you Linda Wilson Byrum for sharing;

Love Wednesday evenings at Crosswinds K9.
We have the opportunity to share time with great handlers and wonderful dogs. 
Last night I met a newcomer who turned to me and said, "She (Phyllis Tustin) is amazing."
I turned to her and relpied, "You are witnessing the magic of the Dog Whisperer!"
Jack and Bernie were incredible last night.

March 14, 2016

Naomi Johnston

Waynesburg, PA

I have a 2 1/2 yr. old GSD that was in need of discipline and training after I received some bad training advice in her younger days. Someone recommended Phyllis Tustin for me and Ellie Mae. She has helped both of us immensely in a few short visits. Phyllis is in complete control and has a great knowledge of not only dogs but owners as well. I am truly amazed at how well Ellie has responded.i highly recommend her for your dog training needs. Thank you so much!

Catherine Smith


A magnificent night of dog training! Dogs take all our worries away! Great friends and the best trainer Phyllis Tustin! 

Billie Peach
Subject:  16.4.22 Training Session with Phyllis
I had a training session with Phyllis the other day and I took my 1 yr old (very nervy) female GSD along. Phyllis is a great teacher (funny too) and she was able to help me get back to my old self - pack leader!! It took a little work but we were finally able to get my girl to relinquish power to me.

Here is a little back story as to why she had this power/position: I had been through a lot in the last year, mainly breast cancer and a couple months before this we decided to bring a puppy of a very strong breed into our lives. I know what it takes to have this type of dog as I had the awesome opportunity of sharing my life with a beautiful Rotty a few years earlier. In having him I immediately learned that I had to be the pack leader, if not he would quickly take over. But in the midst of the chaos that I was experiencing internally I lost track of myself and my girl took the reigns as I left them unattended.

Phyllis came highly recommended to us and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone that needs help with the relationship within their pack, needs peace brought back to their home or even just for training pointers. Also, I've heard people say "but it's so far"... It took me just short of an hour to get to there and I just want to tell you that it was well worth every mile driven and every penny spent!! Don't let distance deter you. Thank you so very much Phyllis, you are my life saver!!

Heather Gembarosky reviewed Crosswinds K-9 — 5 star
April 30, 2016 at 1:23pm · 
Phyllis is an amazing trainer. We had some behavior problems that others couldn't help with and with her skills we were able to overcome them all. Thank you so much Phyllis! I would highly recommend this facility!

Dana Hammond reviewed Crosswinds K-9 — 5 star
I took my 3 ish year old lab mix to Crosswinds for some basic training. In one visit there is a noticeable difference in his behavior and I absolutely feel like she gave me the tools to continue to help him improve. I highly recommend Crosswinds K9 and Phyliss if your considering putting your dog in a training class.

Danielle Burns 

Crosswinds K-9 is AMAZING. Our one year old boxer was very stubborn and Phyllis gave us a new and improved Stella!! I honestly did not think that in ONE lesson we would walk away with such an improvement. Stella no longer begs for food, barks at neighbors, pulls on the leash, digs, jumps on the bed, she sits, stays, "leaves it", comes, down, and a few other commands. I cannot recommend Crosswinds K9 enough!​     

Jennifer Greaves  6/29/16· Martins Ferry, OH · 
Just got home from another wonderful day of spending time with my nieces today we went to East Finley Park we had lunch and the girls played on the swings and slides and ran around the park playing and Izzy got to run around and play ball with the girls I am so grateful to Phyllis Tustin for helping me train Izzy he is such a wonderful dog now he never leaves my side I haven't had to have a leash on him for a really long time he is such a well-behaved and I still practice with him every single day with them things that she taught me to do and I would highly recommend her to anybody that is having problems with their dogs​.

James H.  7/28/16 - Washington, PA

​My wife and I just finished our first session at Crosswinds K-9. WOW! Phyllis knows her stuff! I'm retired military and have done some work with dogs. She had us doing things with our pup that would have taken me weeks or more. I strongly recommend Crosswinds K-9. I know people worry about price. It was worth every penny! And it didn't break the bank. Please, for your dog check her out! 

​Eric & Macenzie Stultz - Washington, PA


Crosswinds K-9 is absolutely phenomenal. We brought our very dominant and resistant Golden Retriever, Hank, to Phyllis for obedience training. Hank can be tough; thankfully, Phyllis is tougher. Phyllis proved to us immediately that she is a true expert with multiple approaches available to resolve every behavioral issue. After the first session, Hank was a completely different dog. Phyllis refuses to accept failure even with a challenge as great as our “alpha” dog. She also provided us with great tools and knowledge to continually further Hank’s progress at home. We are so thankful and encourage everyone to invest in their best friend’s future by taking him or her to Crosswinds K-9!

Simona Paulter,  M.D. - Pittsburgh, PA


Just wanted to thank you for the extremely effective session we had with you. The collar works so well. It's like I have a different dog! No pulling, no tugging, he does exactly what I want! I will work with him and review all that we learned and maybe next month we will do another session. Thanks again, it was worth every penny and the drive, really!!

Natalie and Brian   Canonsburg, PA


​We had our first training class with Phyllis today and it was such a great experience. We have a 1 (and couple months) year old German Shepard who pulls when walking, goes after animals in the yard, barks at people as they walk bye and has some dog and people aggression. Phyllis was absolutely wonderful and an amazing trainer. She taught us to be in charge and have our dog respect and obey us. We have been applying the techniques we learned and it is truly astonishing how much of a difference Phyllis made. We are so grateful to be able to have trained with her and cannot wait to bring our Cane Corso and attend our group classes.

Tawni Toole  Pittsburgh, PA


​I recently had my private training with Phyllis and one of my two 5 month old Boxers. Cash is the more stubborn of the two so I decided to bring him. Cash caught on quickly to Phlyllis' commands. She gave me all of the tools to train my boys to be great pets. I live about an hour away and it is worth the drive. I can't wait to train Hamlet and take them both to the maintenance classes.

Karen Mulé-MacBeth
Sadie's training 11/29/2016
It's been one month since Sadie's introduction to discipline. Sadie is now 9 month old .Chocolate Lab whom around 7 months exhibit some aggressive behavior. Besides myself being a problem, I had to figure out what else was going on and how was it going to fix it. I called an acquaintance, Deb, who referred me to Phyllis. How grateful I am for this referral!! Within minutes of releasing Sadie from the car, Phyllis identified problems(issues) right off the bat. One of the biggest problems was me. Phyllis ask me to command Sadie to do something. When I did, Sadie ignored me. Phyllis's response.... "Your dog has no respect for you". This lack of respect took a turn after Phyllis patiently trained me how to train/discipline my dog. Thank you Phyllis for caring to take the time to help me better understand the nature of the beast.

Schlanz Family
After two months of practically ceaseless barking and an intense fear of visitors, we took Shadow to see Phyllis. She trained us to train our dog, and so far the results have been phenomenal. During our hour-and-a-half session, she helped us become Shadow's "alphas" through strict lessons that were tough but also a lot of fun. Since then, Shadow has almost become a new dog who stops barking after the first "Quiet!" command and is learning to sit and stay for each of our family members. We finally had our neighbors over, and the loudest one in the room was their baby. Shadow never made a peep. If you're at the end of the leash with your dog, go see Phyllis. Her skills, experience, and passion will help your canine friend become a better dog, and help you become a better dog owner.


Eric and Jenn Brantner
About two months ago we took Rocky our German Shepherd puppy to Phyllis for training. She was highly recommended by a coworker. Phyllis was very informative and eager to help us. We wanted our training to be focused on a more well behaved and listen to our commands. Rocky is our first dog and Phyllis was extremely helpful. She showed us so many things and was training us on how we are suppose to be training rocky. For the last two months Jenn and I have stayed consistent with our training commands and couldn't ask for a better result from visiting Phyllis. Our next step will be doing off leash training and are very eager to be doing it with Phyllis. I highly recommend her for any training anybody would like to do with their dog.


Anthony & Katie

My boyfriend and I decided to get a German Shepherd puppy. We heard about Phyllis through other friends and decided we would like to try training. After our first one-on-one class, we learned so much about how to train Moby. We actually saw improvements in him from that day onward. We've also been to a few group classes and really enjoyed them! It's always something different, and it's very cool to watch the veteran dogs perform tasks. What impressed us most throughout our training thus far is how well Phyllis is able to adapt to different learning/teaching techniques based on the person. Phyllis is very encouraging and definitely knows her shit! We highly recommend Crosswinds K-9!


David Kenamond

Thank you so much. Just 1 session and our dog is already doing amazing. She learned to listen to me within 2 hrs. Can't wait to do group sessions.


Brandon Clayton

Phyllis is amazing! We just started training with her and after only an hour and a half our German Shepherd did a complete turn around. She did a great job of training us how to train our dog. I wouldn't go anywhere else! We will also keep attending her classes to go even further with our dog. We just love her and how great she is with dogs!


Donna Varner reviewed Crosswinds K-9 — 5 stars· 
I have bred German Shepherd Dogs for close to 40 years. I have seen "trainers" come and go throughout the years but NONE that are as dedicated in improving life experiences of human & dog as Phyllis has proven over and over throughout the many years that I have known her. Her facility for training and boarding is Top Notch and she is the ONLY trainer that I recommend for ANY breed of dog. There are several "want to be trainers" out there that will "come to your home", that type of "trainer (idiot)" will leave you with a messed up dog and a empty wallet. Phyllis is the BEST and she can instruct you regardless if you compete in Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, Obedience or just want a calm lap dog that has manners. You won't find any other trainer as successful with the ending product as Phyllis... I have nearly 40 years experience and I turn to her myself ... speaks volumes doesn't it...

Loucinda Davis reviewed Crosswinds K-9 — 5 star
March 26 at 7:39pm 
We can't thank Phyllis enough for our training session with Sydney today!! You may think your dog knows basic commands but you get there and realize she doesn't! Phyllis helped us learn all the basics today and we also learned to be the pack leader! I can't wait to go back for the evening nights!

Jennifer Hastings
April 8 at 2:09pm 

Hailey and I took Hazel to her very first dog obedience class. I must share that the instructor, Phyllis Tustin, knows what she's doing. It was an excellent class and Hazel, Hailey, and I learned so much! Thank you, Phyllis, for being patient with us and helping us on the beginning of this journey!

April 24, 2017

Lori Burkhart Hudson reviewed Crosswinds K-9 

Phyllis was absolutely amazing with our chocolate lab Dexter. After just an hour and a half training session he is listening so much better. He has so much potential and Phyllis taught us how to bring out the best in him through training. We look forward to coming to the maintenance group sessions.

May 23, 2017
Barb and Jim Benson

Thank you
I want to thank you for the class we had today and we will work hard to get Sadee (our wack-a-doodle)to understand we are in charge but we can still have fun together, my only wish is we would have seen you earlier

July 12, 2017
Nancy Moore

Well, we completed our first class last night. Must say that Phyllis is one tough lady! Maverick is a 2-yr old German Shepherd that we attempted to train earlier and didn't work. Wish we would have found Phyllis sooner. She was strict, very honest, strong and taught us a lot about ways to work with Maverick. My favorite was "he is not your furbaby, he eats cat s**t"!!! Came home with lots to think about and try. Will definitely try to get back to the Wednesday night classes since I think they will be a big help as well, plus help us keep on track. Thank you Phyllis for your help and expertise.

July 14, 2017
Kathy & Kevin Maxwell

We cannot express how grateful we are to have found Phyllis at Crosswinds K-9. My husband and I went to Crosswinds to have our German Shepherd, LeeLoo, learn some manners. After meeting with Phyllis, we are much more aware of how important WE are in helping LeeLoo to be the best dog she can be. It was not that she has no manners but that we had no clue about how to deal with her. Phyllis has shown us how to be better owner/trainers of our dog. We are looking forward to working with her to help us become even better owner/trainers, not only of LeeLoo, but of our other German Shepherd, too.

July 20, 2017

Joanne DeLuca

Great instruction
Bella, our almost 4 month old Labrador retriever, and I had our first class with Phyllis yesterday. We both learned so much in a very short time. We are practicing today. My husband couldn't believe the change in her. We are looking forward to Wednesday evening classes. We are in our late 60s, friends were surprised we would adopt a dog now. But with proper training for Bella and us- and if our boarding needs and Crosswinds availability coincide with our occasional dog free trips, we look forward to many enjoyable years all together. Good training and understanding of dog 'thinking' is essential to a companionable life with a dog. We are grateful. Thank you Phyllis!

August 2, 2017
Adam Rusmisel

Krypto and I had another great training session last night at Crosswinds K-9with Phyllis. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a trainer to call Phyllis. Not only does she know what she's doing she can break it down to any skill level so the handler can retain the information and achieve the goals that they have set.

November 2017

We have a 1 year old Pekingese with a big attitude. Was referred to Phyllis by a friend. Phyllis worked with Boo and I first one on one then in group sessions. Phyllis is very knowledgeable and knows how to teach your dog to respect its owner. I'm truly thankful Boo and I worked with her. She is strict however very kind and knows her stuff, you can tell she is experienced in all aspects of animal training. Highly recommended!!!

November  18,2017
Stacey Lynn reviewed Crosswinds K-9 — 5 star
Second time bringing a new puppy here. I called to make an appointment and Phyllis Tustin spent about a 1/2 hour on the phone with me, in the first conversation Phyllis provided the first steps to training our new puppy. Phyllis Tustin is truly the dog/handler whisperer, she is able to read the dog and work with their strengths and also help them with their weakness. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PHYLLIS TUSTIN FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE TRAINER. So fortunate I found Phyllis Tustin 9 years ago with our last dog. Looking forward to attending the Wednesday classes and seeing what the future hold for us.

January 22, 2018

Rob Clark - 5 star

Was referred to Crosswinds by someone who only goes top notch with everything. Phyllis is definitely top notch. Our Izzy did pretty good for first training and we are all excited to keep it going. Thank you so much, all in just one training session!! Looking forward to reinforcement as our pup grows.

November 18, 2017

Stacey Lynn

Second time bringing a new puppy here. I called to make an appointment and Phyllis Tustin spent about a 1/2 hour on the phone with me, in the first conversation Phyllis provided the first steps to training our new puppy. Phyllis Tustin is truly the dog/handler whisperer, she is able to read the dog and work with their strengths and also help them with their weakness. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PHYLLIS TUSTIN FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE TRAINER. So fortunate I found Phyllis Tustin 9 years ago with our last dog. Looking forward to attending the Wednesday classes and seeing what the future hold for us.

January 20, 2018

Rob Black

Was referred to Crosswinds by someone who only goes top notch with everything. Phyllis is definitely top notch. Our Izzy did pretty good for first training and we are all excited to keep it going. Thank you so much, all in just one training session!! Looking forward to reinforcement as our pup grows.

March 5, 2018

Bree Marie

We were told to contact Phyllis from the trainer at Xcela, whom we were going for puppy obedience classes. Our puppy Luna was not responding correctly to commands. It was a drive to Crosswinds, but well worth every second. Immediately upon meeting Phyllis she knew what was going on with our little one and exactly on how to go about correcting her and helping her learn. She took a ton of time with us explaining everything step by step. My boyfriend and I even took turns with each command. Within 2 tries Phyllis had Luna doing everything correctly. It was AMAZING. We cannot express the amount of relief and less stress we have now that we know how to correctly train her. Were even considering now to take our 7 year old shepherd to meet her.   

April 25, 2018

Roxanne Garretson

My 8 mo. old boxer was becoming very dominant toward me and my daughter. I had taken my previous boxer to her and loved the results. This time was no different. After the first session we saw a complete turn around with Max. Phyllis absolutely knows what’s she’s doing. She can read a dog, tell you how to correct the situation and you can see immediate results. Highly recommend everyone that may have issues to call her. She gets the results done. I enjoyed our 1st group session tonight as well. Thank you Phyllis.

April 2018

Kevin Seidl

I first met Phyllis 6 years ago when I took her my 1 1/2 year old GSD that was fear aggressive. I had become very worried about him biting someone out of fear.
I had no idea when I took my dog there the first time of how it would change my life. Dog training has become a big part of my life now. And the people I met there are part of my life. 
Phyllis worked with us to get diesel to be less fearful more confident and more obedient. He became a dog that I could take anywhere and enjoy our time without being worried. People would see us and ask how did you get your dog so well trained.
Phyllis also introduced me to Schutzhund or IPO. I started training Diesel in the sport. He could do some of the work and tried hard, but was not of working lines. Phyllis or (coach) as I call her, then helped me find a working lines puppy.
Phyllis helped me put all the foundation work on the new puppy. That puppy (Xena) is now 3 years old. She has earned her IPO3 title. She qualified and competed in the 2017 USCA national championship. 
She is already qualified and will compete again in the 2018.  

Note:  Kevin & Xena did qualify and compete successfully in the 2018 USCA GSD Nationals held in Pittsburgh, PA, November 3-4th., with a great score of 91-88-88, 267.
This all started for me with Phyllis at Crosswinds K-9.
I can’t thank her enough!

November 1, 2018

Neal Juran

I reached out to Phyllis for a mentorship opportunity at Crosswinds. I have trained various dogs over the past few years on basic principles but wanted to learn real concepts from a seasoned expert. Phyllis has totally changed my mindset on how to train dogs in all aspects. I have accomplished more in the last 2 months with training with her than the past 2 years combined. Phyllis has a special ability with dogs and it shows as soon as you step in the training room with her with your dog. Her ability to read and understand what your dogs needs to accomplish your goals is truly a work of art. Her patience, knowledge, and aptitude for her craft shines through in every scenario. If you are looking to change or shape your dog’s behaviors, head over to Crosswinds K9!