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Dancing With Dogs  helper Max Oravetz with  my SG Leika vom Reichtal SchH I, KKL 1A life


IGP / IPO / Schutzhund Training

IPO / Schutzhund Training at Crosswinds K-9
Schutzhund has been a love of mine since 1991, when I discovered a training group within an hour’s drive of my home. 

After many years of training I have titled four dogs ;  one, Nora vd Strahlendorf  from 8 weeks to SchH III Hot,  which earned me  lifelong recognition in the USCA, SchH III Club.

Also, have coached at least 30 others to SchH / IPO / IGP, titles in the past 24 years. 
IGP is hard work and requires a dedication to a working relationship with your dog.

An IGP title doesn’t come in a pill, it requires many months or  years of work and dedication. In other words, IGP becomes a way of life for many of us.  While not all dogs are able to endure the rigors of training due to poor conformation or weak temperament, I will teach you to make the most of your partnership with your dog.

Here at Crosswinds K-9, I work with you and your dog to produce an accomplished, polished, confident team.  It is my job to teach you how to understand your dog and the art of training it.



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